Games are selected that challenge and entertain both riders and volunteers.
Some riders progress to riding independently, and learn how to communicate with their horse.
Our volunteers engage with riders to help with fun games and ensure rider safety.
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Welcome to the Westwind Riding Institute program!

For over 40 years, Westwind Riding Institute (formerly Westwind 4-H) has provided recreational horseback riding classes for children with disabilities. Horseback riding is one of the few activities that is truly physically and psychologically therapeutic. It requires the involvement of the whole body and utilizes every muscle and joint. In our one-hour riding program, children play fun games on horseback that improve their coordination and balance. If you would like to sign up your child (ages 6–18) as a rider or volunteer, please visit our contact page.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Westwind Riding Institute program! They help our riders by walking next to the horse during class, leading horses, and helping to care for our horses and ponies. No previous experience is necessary — just an interest in horses and children, and a desire to help.


Westwind Riding Institute is supported solely by tax-deductible gifts from interested individuals and organizations. Please donate today so we can continue to offer the proven benefits of horseback riding to children with disabilities.

For inquiries, please email us through our website contact page.