Westwind Riding Institute began its program in 1978 with two horses, and a pony.
Riding out the pandemic with small class sizes and a few dedicated volunteers.
Our end-of-summer trail ride provides a sense of freedom with a breathtaking view of the valley.
Some riders progress to riding independently, and learn how to communicate with their horse.
Our volunteers assure rider safety as well as having fun while learning to ride.
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Welcome to the Westwind Riding Institute program!

For over 40 years, Westwind Riding Institute (formerly Westwind 4-H) has given children with disabilities the opportunity to have fun while improving their coordination and balance, strengthening their muscles—and building their confidence. Kids get to play games while on the horses and enjoy special events such as our summer trail ride and Halloween horseback trick-or-treating. Whether you want to sign up your child (age 5–19) as a rider, or volunteer your own time, we look forward to hearing from you.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Westwind Riding Institute program. They care for our horses and ponies, and guide them during lessons. No previous experience is necessary—just an interest in horses and children, and a desire to help.


Westwind Riding Institute is supported solely by tax-deductible gifts from interested individuals and organizations. Please donate today so we can continue to offer the proven benefits of horseback riding to children with disabilities.

For inquiries, please email us through our website contact page.