Our horses are carefully chosen for their gentle personality and calm temperament. Most of them are “senior citizens” who are very happy leading a quiet life being ridden lightly several times a week to keep fit. All are on special diets which our volunteers carefully monitor so that they are in top condition for our riding program. Each horse has an unique personality and all are deeply appreciated and loved by riders, volunteers and parents.


Sparkie, is our clever gray 22 -year old, Shetland pony. At 11 hands high, he is a trickster who has learned how to escape his stall to find a patch of grass nearby. He is a popular pony for our youngest riders, and on non-program days, may be spotted pulling a cart. His previous owners entered him in parades, and horse shows.

Sparkie was donated in 2008 by Patricia Snyder.


Cinders, aka; “Love Bug”, and “Mr. C”, is a 28 -year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding, originally from Kentucky. He has gained the reputation as one of our friendliest horses. He needs a little extra coaxing to get him to trot, but once he gets going his smooth gate can’t be beat. He stands at 14.3 hands high, and has a blue roan color.

Cinders was acquired in 2004 with general funds.


Steele is a 24-year old gray gelding. He is double registered as Paint and Quarter Horse and is our largest horse at 15.2 hands high. Before coming to WRI, he received the title “Therapy Horse of the Year” at Ride On Therapeutic Horsemanship program in Southern California.

Steele belongs to our instructor Roxanne Raksnys.